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Open House Filled with Crowd

posted Mar 20, 2011, 11:14 AM by web admin   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 8:00 PM ]

Yesterday (March 19), Future Leader Academy hosted an open house to give a demonstration of what the up-coming summer classes would be like. 

Turnout was phenomenal; over 30 parents and children packed the room. The students’ ages ranged from 6 to 14.

The open house consisted of an introduction to the speech course, a demonstration of a typical class, and a period for questions.

After welcoming the parents and students, instructor Colby Ye gave an overview lesson about “How to Be a Good Speaker.” His lesson discussed several key points, including choosing a topic, organizing the speech, and using gestures and vocal variety to deliver the speech persuasively.

Afterwards, Colby showed the parents and students a video of his very first speech ever, delivered when he was only 9 years old. Immediately following the speech, Colby gave an evaluation of the speech, in order to show what a typical evaluation would be like.

The last part of the demo class was an impromptu speaking session, where students were invited to speak on a random topic for 1 minute. Colby started off by giving an example speech about why he wears a sweatshirt. Although few students wanted to speak at first, students later jumped up and volunteered to speak. One student talked about his favorite tennis player, and another talked about being on the soccer team. It was a fun experience for all.

The parents also had an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Colby described how he started a speech course when he was 9, at which point he was still very shy and afraid of speaking. After some practice, he began to enjoy public speaking very much. He expressed his belief that with practice and training, anyone can become a good speaker.