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It all started with a Boy Scout’s Eagle Project. 

In 2007, Colby Ye was looking for ideas for his Eagle Project. He had played the piano since he was 5 years old, won many awards in piano competitions, and studied violin for one and a half years. He also knew many youth who had musical talent just like him. As a result, Colby decided to host a concert at a local senior home for his Eagle Project.

On February 11, 2008, he hosted the concert at the Plano Community Home. A group of local youth played instruments, sang, and danced. The concert was so well received that the senior home director asked Colby to come back again several times each year to host more performances there. The youth also enjoyed it and asked to participate in future performances.  

Then, Colby started Youth Artists, in order to put these youth’s artistic talents to use through community service. Since then, Youth Artists has held several performances at the Plano Community Home, which have been enjoyable for both the youth and the senior residents.

Youth Artists has also helped provide relief for victims of natural disasters around the world. In the summer of 2008, Colby’s mother was on business trip to Sichuan, China, right after an earthquake hit there on May 12. As the family was sitting at the dinner table, his mom spoke about the young students dying and being wounded by the earthquake and survivors losing their homes and schools and needing shelter, water, and food. Colby started thinking of a way to do something to help these young students. He told Dr. Jun Ren, the president of the Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP) that he would like to host a performance to raise money for victims of the earthquake. The ACP immediately supported Colby’s idea. The youth speech club members and the United States-China Chamber of Commerce in Dallas also provided support. A charity concert for victims of the earthquake, fully planned, organized and run by youth, was hosted on June 29th, 2008. The youth recruited international and national award-winning artists, including pianists, violinists, vocalists, rhythmic gymnasts, and more. The performance raised a total $2,800 from ticket sales of $7 each.

Youth Artists has also provided assistance by raising money for students in rural China. In 2010, Colby joined the Youth Building Bridges program, an international educational program which sends American high school students to rural, poverty-stricken areas in China to assist primary and secondary education systems, help the local teachers and students learn basic technology use, teach them English, and help them learn to communicate with the outside world. Before the trip, he and his teammates Emily Bao and Christine Yuan organized a fundraising concert in Dallas which raised about $1500 to buy supplies for students in rural China.

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